Diet and fitness coaching for weekend warriors and athletes alike. We focus on custom tailored programs for your exact needs. Real food. Real People. Real results.

The Berserker Method

Nobody lives the exact same life as you, has the exact same needs as you, and is built the exact same way you are. That’s why at Berserker Nutrition we focus on taking all aspects of your life to customize a program that fits like no other.

We use the following factors to design a program that fits like a glove and adapts as you change:

(Please provide any other details you deem as important to your journey)

Body fat percentage
Work schedule
Available meal prep times
Current exercise habits
Existing injury or illness
Short and long term goals
Food preferences/allergies/dislikes

2 Week Meal & Exercise Plan


90 Day Figure Forge

2 Month Meal Plan

Month-Month Program

Stephan Goodale of Berserker Nutrition

Meet Stephan Goodale

Stephan has been servicing clients since 2016. Over 500 clients serviced and pushed that much closer to their goal physiques – or even beyond their goals in most cases. Having been overweight himself as a kid and for most of his adult life, he’s been in your shoes and knows your struggles well.

❝Before this was my career, it was a passion. My weight loss successes came from a very intense motivation to drop the weight and become healthy – something that I had never been in my entire life. So I read up, absorbed as much information as I could about how the fundamentals of weight loss work, and I got to it. Six months and 75 lbs later I was under 200 pounds for the first time I could remember. It was then, everything clicked. If I can do this, anyone can. And so Berserker Nutrition was born.❞

Great at integrating it with my previous workout routines...
Have given a program from Stephan a 1.5 month trial and must say that it has been great. The ability to contact him at virtually any time for questions is great, and his knowledge has been top notch. He is currently tweaking the plan for me and has been great at integrating it with my previous workout routines. I look forward to using his new machine to figure out body fat percentage and see how I stack up on that scale as that is of greater importance to me than numbers on a weigh scale (as far as health status and disease risk goes). Thanks again.
Bryan Holt
August 4, 2018
I have nothing but good things to say...
Amazingly easy meal plans that can literally fit with and lifestyle you live! Made exactly to what you need and what you like to help get the best results. I have nothing but good things to say about BN and everything he’s done for me, my husband, and our health!
Jasmine Litke
December 29, 2018
Stephan is your guy to help you out...
Stephan is a great guy that helped me every time I needed motivation and or had questions. If you want to get back into shape or into shape for the first time (me) Stephan is your guy to help you out!
Danny J Dean
October 11, 2018
I'll take what I've learned from him for the rest of my life...
I thought I ate healthy. I am a runner and I do CrossFit 4 to 5 days a week but I could not lose the stubborn body fat. I always knew losing weight was 80% nutrition 20% exercise and it is true. Stephan from BN is absolutely amazing! I signed up for the 90 day meal plan and I will take what I learned from him literally for the rest of my life. I have lost my goal weight and inches and I still have another 30 days to go. Highly recommend!
Stacey Green
January, 1, 2018


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January 19, 2019


July Fitness Group

Berserker is hosting another Online Weight Loss Challenge Group for July 2 - Aug 2! Prizes will be a one month meal plan from Berserker Nutrition, and one month memberships at Valhalla Training (or a cash equivalent for those of you outside of town) in Edson for the man and woman who lose the highest percentage of their weight during the month. Runner ups in both categories will be getting a gift card from Canadian Protein for $50 and a two week meal plan from Berserker as well. All you have to do is send your before photos (front, back, and side), take and submit your measurements (chest at nipple level, bicep, abdomen at bellybutton, hips, thighs and calves), and submit your video weigh ins to me weekly (nobody else see's them but you and myself) and participate in the closed Facebook group for the duration of the contest to qualify. Entry is $65 with a 2 week meal plan and $85 with a one month plan